Elections have been requested to fill the vacancies in both the Crossflatts & Micklethwaite ward and the Bingley Central & Myrtle Park ward.

The election time-table has now been issued by Bradford Metropolitan District Council and is shown below.  Further details and nomination forms can be obtained from the Town Clerk at townclerk@bingleytowncouncil.gov.uk


Bingley Town Council Elections

Timetable of Proceedings for Thursday 23 September 2021


Publication of Notice of Election                                                      Wednesday 18 August 2021

Receipt of Nominations                                                          4:00 pm Thursday 26 August 2021

Withdrawal of Candidate                                                        4:00 pm Thursday 26 August 2021

Publication of Statements of Persons Nominated                      4:00 pm Friday 27 August 2021

Last Date for Registration                                                                Tuesday 7 September 2021

Receipt of Postal Vote Applications                              5:00 pm Wednesday 8 September 2021

Publication of Notice of Poll                                                      Wednesday 15 September 2021

Receipt of Proxy Vote Applications                             5:00 pm Wednesday 15 September 2021

Appointment of Poll and Count Agents                                         Thursday 16 September 2021

First Day to Issue Replacement Lost Postal Ballot Papers               Friday 17 September 2021

Day of Poll                                                                                     Thursday 23 September 2021

Last Day to Issue Replacement Spoilt or Lost Postal Ballot Papers          5:00 pm Thursday 23 September 2021

Receipt of Emergency Proxy Vote Applications              5:00 pm Thursday 23 September 2021

Day of Poll                                                   7:00 am to 10:00 pm Thursday 23 September 2021

Declaration of Candidates Expenses                                                Thursday 21 October 2021



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