Eldwick Ward news from Cllr Heseltine and Cllr Truelove


The Boundary Commission is consulting on new ward boundaries for the whole district. The proposals for Eldwick meander through the village and take no account of community identity, clearly identifiable boundaries or the fact that Eldwick is one identifiable village attached to the wider township of Bingley.

If the proposals go ahead, some streets or parts of streets will be represented by Bingley Councillors, the rest of us shipped off to an expanded Baildon Ward. 

We feel Eldwick residents have a closer association with other Eldwick residents and Bingley Town just down the road, rather than Baildon over the large hill and extensive moor.  In any event Eldwick as a village should remain as one.

Please comment on the proposals at the boundary commission portal, consultation closes 5th February 2024 https://www.lgbce.org.uk/all-reviews/bradford

Bingley Town Council and your ward Councillors would also like to hear your views prior to our submissions – please contact david.heseltine@bingleytowncouncil.gov.uk, mark.truelove@bingleytowncouncil.gov.uk and/or enquiries@bingleytowncouncil.gov.uk 

Further information from the Boundary Commissions website can be found below:


Community identity:


A sense of community is often shaped by the amenities and services people use: shops, places of worship, schools and other facilities.

It can also be shaped by attachment to representative organisations like tenants and residents associations, community organisations and local business forums.


Convenient and effective local government:


We try to propose wards that use clearly identifiable boundaries, have appropriate names, and make it as easy as possible for the councillors to do their jobs.


How you can help:


You can help us draw up wards that reflect the communities local people live in. All of our final reports contain recommendations that have been improved by input from local people. In the consultation on warding patterns tell us about the communities you represent. In the consultation on our draft proposals tell us how they fit with your experience of local communities.

Please respond to our consultations and tell us where the most identifiable boundaries are in your area. Suggest names for the wards, and let us know in the consultation on our draft proposals if you think there is a better alternative.

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