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Hello all,

As we come into spring (hopefully the weather gets the message!) and all start to get out and about, I’m looking forward to a number of forthcoming events.

First the 250th Anniversary of 5-Rise Locks on Saturday 23rd March, with lots of activities on the towpath, in Damart canteen and in Market Square.  All activities are free, but some do need to be pre-booked (Fishing, Paddle sports, Readings/Talks in Damart Canteen), so please ensure you do so to avoid disappointment.

Secondly, Sunday 31st March we have the Easter Eggstravaganza with stalls in the Market Square & Arts Centre.

In-between on Sunday 24th March 10:00 – 14:00, our second open day for the consultation on the draft Neighbourhood Plan.  If you have any questions please do pop in and see us.  

Hope you are able to get along and enjoy them.  

Kind regards,

Philippa (Chair of Bingley Town Council)

Representation received from West Yorkshire Lieutenancy


At a recent meeting of Bingley Town Council, we received representation from David Pearson of the West Yorkshire Lieutenancy.

The Lieutenancy is an ancient institution, where the representatives’ role is to represent the monarch locally. There are 99 Lieutenancies in the country, plus further numbers in London, and they are responsible for organising royal visits, being responsible for local honours, and making sure that proper protocols associated with the monarchy are followed, e.g. after a royal death. The Lieutenancy is also responsible for nominations for royal garden parties etc. and are currently taking nominations for next year.

Closer contact with local councils is being sought by the Lieutenancies, so they are reaching out to bodies such as Town Councils to publicise their work and build a better relationship. The Deputy Lieutenant for Bingley is Vicky Reynolds, who regularly attends local events, such as the Remembrance Day parade in Bingley.

It is hoped that the West Yorkshire Lieutenancy will be involved in the 80th anniversary of the D Day event in June this year, and will be liaising with the Canal and River Trust regarding attending the Festival to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Five Rise Locks 23rd March this year; they will also be involved at the City of Culture 2025 celebrations next year once they have liaised with Bradford Council.  

Town Council support for free parking in Bingley

Following reported concerns from residents and Town Councillors, the Town Council agreed at the recent meeting to contact Bradford Council to object to the parking charges that have been implemented locally, particularly by the old magistrates’ court and Bingley Pool, where the parking was previously free.

The Town Council will highlight to Bradford Council that these parking charges are detrimental to the businesses in the town, and will recommend a change of approach to encourage footfall in the town, with the suggestion of free parking for the first two hours in Bradford Council car parks locally, with parking charges removed completely after 6pm.

Town Council support for Skirrow Street car park, Cottingley


The Town Council also agreed at a recent meeting to support residents of Cottingley who are concerned by a proposed suggestion for Bradford Council to sell the land at Skirrow Street which currently provides spaces for cars to park, in an otherwise limited area for parking.

Bingley Town Council passed a resolution to support the retention of the informal car park at Skirrow Street, Cottingley, and agreed to submit a nomination for it to become an Asset of Community Value.

Canal and River Trust (CRT) Festival for 250th anniversary of Five Rise Locks

The Canal and River Trust (CRT) are organising a Festival to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Five Rise Locks this month.

This Festival will be taking place during the day on Saturday 23rd March, with activities on the tow paths, market stalls, and other local groups being involved.

The Town Council have supported this Festival financially, having earmarked £5000 of the Regeneration and Tourism budget pot towards it.

We are also encouraging local businesses to become involved, including a 250th anniversary of Five Rise Locks window dressing competition, with a £250 prize kindly being awarded by local business BRSK.

Town Council support for D Day Commemoration

The Town Council will also be supporting Bingley Remembrance Group in their organisation of commemorations for the 80th anniversary of the D-Day, on 6th June this year.

It is envisaged that these commemorations will include local veterans and Scouts groups, and will involve the lighting of a beacon – which will be taking place at various locations nationwide – at 9.15pm. The Town Council will be covering the cost of this beacon for Bingley.

Neighbourhood Plan – Regulation 14 consultation/next open day


The Town Council are still in the middle of the Regulation 14 consultation in our Neighbourhood Plan process. This is where we are seeking the opinions of local residents, groups and businesses on the Plan, so your views can be taken into consideration for any amendment of the Plan before it is sent to Bradford Council in the next stage of the process.

We held a busy and successful open day for residents to view the Plan and its associated policy maps and appendices on 24th February, and will be holding another one on Sunday 24th March 2024, 10am – 2pm, at our Town Council offices at the Hub, Myrtle Place, Bingley (we are situated in the public toilet building, in front of the pool building, between Lidl and the Arts Centre).

There is a copy of the draft Plan in Bingley Library, as well as in our offices at the Hub – please email or ring 07529 222679 to make an appointment to view the documents held in the Hub if you are unable to make the open day on 24th March.

Please also take the time to complete our survey on the draft Plan, which can be found here:

Annual Town Meeting date


The Annual Town Meeting of Bingley Town Council is due to be held on Tuesday 7th May 2024 at 6pm at Bingley Methodist Church.

The Annual Town Meeting is called by the Chair of the Town Council and is the meeting where the Town Council reports to the electorate on what is has accomplished in the preceding year, including reports from local community groups who have carried out good work in the parish with grants received from us.

Everyone welcome!

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