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As the summer holiday period comes to a close, I hope you were able to attend and enjoy some of our events, whether a Play in the Park or a bandstand concert.  

Across the country the next 2 weeks sees a number of Heritage Open Days.  In Bingley Walkers are Welcome are running a Heritage Walk, on Sunday morning 10th September, in celebration of 75 years of Bingley Little Theatre – join them at 10am.

The following Saturday we are holding a networking event for community groups in Bingley, to bring people together to share ideas and facilitate collective working, so that we can deliver more for Bingley and its residents.

I’m aware of lots of comments on social media about anti-social behaviour around Myrtle Park.  If you see or experience any of this, please do report it to the Police so they can build up a good picture of what is happening.  Always dial 999 in an emergency, but if reporting something later on the fastest way to report is the via the Live Chat service on their website.

Finally, congratulations to our Deputy Clerk, Nicola Mansfield-Smith, for gaining her Certificate in Local Council Administration (CILCA).

Kind regards,

Councillor Philippa Gibbons


Bradford City of Culture 2025 update

At a recent Full Council meeting, Bingley Town Council received representation from Bradford City of Culture 2025 Team, who highlighted the following:

  • Funding news: the team have been busy seeking funding, including from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Government’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), raising funds to put together a programme for the year. This will focus on culture, including heritage, to tell the story of the history of Bradford.
  • Funding call outs: the team plans to create opportunities for community groups’ involvement and plan a call out for funding for these groups next spring. There will also be call outs in November/December for Bradford artists, and for festivals in February/March next year.
  • Liaison with local groups: the team has been liaising with local walking groups to promote the “Bradford on Foot” project.
  • The full programme for the year will be announced in September next year. It will include working with artists, schools, local groups etc., and the team has been speaking to people across the district to get a sense of what the needs might be, to promote inclusion for all.
  • The team will be attending regular Bingley Town Council meetings so everyone can feel involved and updated; they will next be attending the Full Council meeting in December.
  • Creative communities: the programme is being planned to encourage new and existing creative communities, including schools in the district. This will include working in secondary schools on a project called Digital Creatives, which will help young people to learn some of the digital skills for people to showcase in 2025. The aim is also to have an artist in each ward, focusing on existing artists and to create artists. There are currently freelancers signing up on the website – the team need people who can offer specialist skills for payment. They are also developing a programme for writers, working on new writing, and offering free training for writers in the district.

Working with Ward Councillors to improve the link with Bradford Council

Discussion took place at the recent Full Council meeting regarding the link between Bradford Council and Bingley Town Council, including the town councillors’ concerns that the Town Council is not always provided with sufficient information on local issues, which impacts on residents in the parish, who are not always aware which body is responsible for local decisions (the roadworks near Beckfoot School were cited as a recent example of this). The Bradford Council Ward Councillors agreed that a closer relationship between the Town Council and Bradford Council would benefit the parish and confirmed that they would be attending Full Council meetings going forward.  

Progress on Neighbourhood Plan

At the recent Full Council meeting, Bingley Town Council approved the draft Neighbourhood Plan; we are not yet ready to go to the Regulation 14 consultation as investigations are still ongoing regarding publicity options – it is envisaged that we will be undertaking this consultation in the autumn.  

Bollards outside Domino’s

Bingley Town Council has recently been informed by the Highways Department of Bradford Council that bollards will be placed on Park Road/Main Street (outside Domino’s Pizza).

Bingley Town Council – September Meetings and Events


10th – 10am – Heritage Open Days – Bingley Theatre Anniversary Walk

12th – 6:30pm – Planning Committee meeting – The Hub

13th – 6:30pm – Finance & General Purposes Committee meeting – The Hub

16th – 10am – Networking Event for Local Groups – Cardigan House

19th – 6:30pm – Neighbourhood Plan Working Group meeting – The Hub

26th – 6:30pm – Full Council meeting – Little House

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