Town Council Polling Districts, Ward & Councillor Details


On this page you can view a map of wards and scroll down to view Town Councillor contact details and registers of interest.  For details of committees and sub-committees please see here. To see which ward you live in please click here.

Polling Districts & Wards

Map of Bingley Town Council Wards

Polling DistrictsWard NameElectorsCouncillors
2A, 2G & 2JBingley Central & Myrtle Park25322
2BCrossflatts & Micklethwaite26232
2DLady Lane & Oakwood12651
2ECrow Nest20442
3C & 3DCottingley41003


A photo of Councillor Abdul Malik

Cllr Abdul Malik

Bingley Central & Myrtle Park Ward (Independent)

07876 787870


Bingley Central & Myrtle Park Ward 

Telephone number     Email

Register of interests

Cllr Rachael Drucquer

Crossflatts and Micklethwaite Ward (Green Party)

07708 507679     Email

Register of interests

a photo of Councillor John Pennington

Cllr John Pennington

Crossflatts and Micklethwaite Ward (Conservative)

07836 261557     Email

Register of interests

a photo of Councillor Heseltine

Cllr David Heseltine

Eldwick Ward (Conservative)

01274 565468        Email

Register of interests


Councillor Mark Truelove

Cllr Mark Truelove

Eldwick Ward (Independent)

07809 690398     Email

Register of interests

A photograph of Councillor Steve Williams

Cllr Steve Williams

Lady Lane and Oakwood Ward (Conservative)


Register of interests

a photo of Councillor John Brazendale

Cllr John Brazendale

Crow Nest Ward (Labour)

07864 796739     Email

Register of interest

Cllr Dale Barton

Crow Nest Ward (Liberal Democrat)

Telephone number     Email

Register of interests

Councillor Ros Dawson

Cllr Ros Dawson (Chair)

Priestthorpe Ward (Independent)

07720 882512     Email

Register of interests

Councillor Edwina Simpson

Cllr Edwina Simpson

Priestthorpe Ward (Independent)

07932 191558     Email

 Register of interests

A photo of Councillor Helen Owen

Cllr Helen Owen

Gilstead Ward (Independent)

07976 304941     Email

Register of interests

Cllr Geoff Winnard

Gilstead Ward (Conservative)

07497 003681     Email

Register of interests

Cllr Howard Clough

Cottingley Ward (Conservative)

07939 023377     Email

Register of interests

Councillor John Goode

Cllr John Goode

Cottingley Ward (Independent)

07703 456792     Email

Register of interests


A photo of Councillor Ashraf Miah

Cllr Ashraf Miah

Cottingley Ward (Independent)

07738 570492    Email

Register of interests


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