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Hello all,

Thursday sees voting for ward councillors in both Bingley and Bingley Rural wards and for the Mayor of West Yorkshire – when going to vote remember that you now need to take photo identification.

It’s our Annual Town Meeting next week, an opportunity for residents to let us know of issues or matters in the parish and their views on them, as well as hearing about the achievements of those community groups who have benefitted from the Town Council grant scheme.  Please come along.

We’ve had a couple of warmer days recently – here’s hoping it stays like this.

All the best!


Bingley Pool update


As a member of the Friends of Bingley Pool, Town Councillor Mo Carney reported at a recent Full Council meeting of Bingley Town Council that the Friends have recently held meetings to discuss the way forward for the pool, including with Bradford Council District Councillors and the team working on the project at the Department of Place at Bradford Council.

Bradford Council have had surveyors in to assess the pool, and are considering three options, two of which are refurbishments of the pool and one is a re-build. All these options being looked at will then go to the Chief Executive before progressing. The option for the Friends of Bingley Pool to take over a Community Asset Transfer (CAT) of the pool is still an option, as well as looking at private companies taking it on from Bradford Council.

The Friends of Bingley Pool would like to find out what Bingley residents would want the pool to look like, e.g. a competitive pool with six lanes or smaller etc., and plan to set up a survey and a public meeting.  There is also scope for the Friends to ask Sport England for funding, so although it is all very early days, the Friends feel it is a positive step.

There will be a meeting of Bradford Council’s Executive soon, and a public meeting will be organised after that. The project manager at Bradford Council has stated that they are happy to provide updates to the Town Council, which we would very much welcome so we can pass any information onto residents.

Bandstand concerts arranged


Following the success of the concerts arranged in the bandstand in Myrtle Park last spring/summer, the Town Council has been working with Bradford Council to organise these again.

So far, eight concerts have been arranged, with six of these paid for by the Town Council and two by Bradford Council. The first one is being held on Sunday 12th May; there will then be a concert on 19th May arranged by the Salvation Army. A series of subsequent concerts on various Sundays throughout the summer will follow. Bradford Council are currently arranging for the printing of a publicising leaflet to advertise the concerts dates, which will be shared via social media by both the Town Council and Bradford Council as soon as possible.

There may also be further concerts arranged once the electricity has been connected to the bandstand, which again will be publicised via social media.

Litter picks


A really successful community litter pick took place in Cottingley on Saturday 13th April, alongside one that has been organised by Bingley Rural Ward Councillors, and was attended by Town Councillors John Goode and Geoff Winnard. 33 bags of rubbish were collected, along with another 20 which had been dumped at the back of the shops.

The next litter pick organised by the Town Council may take place in conjunction with Crossflatts Village Society in Crossflatts this month; in addition to this, there is the Challenge Festival coming up this month so we will investigate whether we can get involved with the litter picking for that also.

Annual Town Meeting, Tuesday 7th May 2024


Bingley Town Council’s Annual Town Meeting will be taking place on Tuesday 7th May 2024 at Bingley Methodist Church, Herbert Street, Bingley, from 6.00pm to 8.00pm.

The Annual Town Meeting is not a meeting of the Council itself but a meeting for the electorate, and is called by the Town Council’s Chair. The purpose of the meeting is so the Town Council can report on what it has done over the past year, and we usually invite any local community groups who have received a grant from the Town Council within the past year to attend the meeting to provide a short report on their work.

This year we will receive representation from the following local groups: Beckfoot and Bingley Tennis Club, Bingley Congs Cricket Club, Bingley Creative Writers Group, Bingley Remembrance Group, Bradford and Bingley Cricket Club, Cottingley Village History Society, Eldwick and Gilstead Gala, Friends of Prince of Wales Park, Jerr Wood Action Group, Micklethwaite Village Society, and Yorkshire Wellbeing Skills Group.

All welcome!

Bingley Walking Festival 2024


Monday 6th May 2024 will see the 7th Bingley Walking Festival, proudly hosted by Bingley Walkers are Welcome.

They offer a choice of 5 walks all designed and led by experienced walk leaders. Each walk has something different to offer to walkers of all abilities, ages and experience. It is a real chance to see some of Bingley and the surrounding district’s most stunning sights and landmarks.

Well behaved dogs are also very welcome – except on the bird walk! More information can be found here: Bingley Walking Festival 2024 | Monday 6th May 2024 | Bingley WaW (

Bingley Town Council Meetings May 2024


7th – Annual Town Meeting @ Bingley Methodist Church, 6pm

8th – Finance & General Purposes Committee meeting @ The Hub, 6:30pm

11th – Community Group Networking Event @ Cardigan House, 10am – 12pm

14th – Planning Committee meeting @ The Hub, 6:30pm

15th – Events, Marketing and Communications Committee meeting @ The Hub, 6:30pm

21st – Neighbourhood Plan Working Group meeting @ The Hub, 6:30pm

28th – Full Council meeting, the Annual Meeting of the Council @ Bingley Baptist Church, 6:30pm 

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