Bingley Town Council would like to thank everybody who took part in the community consultation in September. Thank you for attending consultation events and for completing questionnaires and sharing your views.

It was heartening to see that the Council’s priorities closely reflected those of residents.

Here is a summary of the responses to the questions about the Council’s priorities. Bingley Town Council will take these responses into account when setting the budget for the coming year and making decisions about how best to use our staffing and financial resources.

Q2 Please indicate which three of these activities, currently being undertaken by Bingley Town Council, you think are the most important?

Answer ChoicesResponsesPercentage
Supporting efforts to keep Bingley Pool open15056.23%
Climate change emergency initiatives and environmental improvements including reduction of plastic use, improving air quality and litter picks.9838.08%
Working with police to reduce crime and traffic offences.9637.01%
Bingley Monthly Market: Continuing to run and develop the monthly fresh food and local products market8132.38%
Grit bins and gritting routes: maintaining existing bins, adding new bins and routes.5721%
Creating a youth Town Council to engage younger people in civic activities.5019.57%
Grant scheme to support local groups.


Lobbying Bradford Council to improve car parking (provision and cost).4718.15%


Floral displays and bulb planting throughout the parish, providing horticultural groups with free seasonal plants.4115.30%


Christmas: lights – upgrading and adding to the seasonal display, school competition, providing a Christmas tree.289.96%


Painting street furniture black (lamp post, sign posts and railings etc) to smarten up our town.238.19%
Providing a Changing Places facility.228.19%


Supporting civic events including the Remembrance Day parade and service.196.76%


Free summer play in the park events196.76%


Planning for emergencies124.27%
Communications about the council’s work: including monthly e-newsletters, social media updates and newsletters.114.27%
Providing new signs to the Five Rise Locks and canal72.85%


Q3 What other priority/priorities should Bingley Town Council address? 

The following issues were identified in the free text box

  • Crime, drugs, anti-social behaviour and policing (21)
  • Improving the Town Centre (20)
  • Highways issues (including signs, lighting, noise from bypass, crossings) (19)
  • Pavements need clearing/ weeding (6)
  • Speeding (8) and speed humps (3)
  • Litter Picks and litter collection (18)
  • Parking including parking fees and nuisance parking in residential areas (15)
  • Bingley Pool (14)
  • Youth provision (12)
  • Playgrounds and parks (11)
  • Marketing Bingley (10)
  • Dog poo (9)
  • Public toilet provision (5)
  • Better use of Market Square (5)
  • Better signage to important sites (4)
  • Preserving Old buildings (3)
  • Markets (3)
  • Disability issues (2)
  • Cemeteries (2)
  • Allotments (2)

The following were also mentioned in responses

  • Libraries
  • Fireworks
  • Dog free parks
  • Street furniture
  • Bingley show
  • Noisy neighbours
  • Council grant scheme
  • Good governance of the council
  • Grit bins
  • Green Hill
  • Crossley Wood
  • A Bingley podcast channel
  • Flood defences
  • Walking routes
  • Leeds Bradford Airport
  • The lodge in Prince of Wales Park
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