In these difficult weather conditions please take extra care.   To help you stay safe, Bingley has a large number of grit bins in and around the district.  Some have been provided by Bradford Metropolitan District Council (BMDC) and some by Bingley Town Council.

If you need a BMDC grit bin refilled you should contact them direct.  You can request a refill via their website using the following link.

If you need a Bingley Town Council grit bin refilled you can contact us at:

You can identify a Bingley Town Council grit bin by the Town Council logo on it.

Picture of grit bin with the green and purple logo of Bingley town council on it


Alternatively you can see a full list of of Bingley Town Council grit bins by using the following link   Bingley Town Council Grit Bins as at 15 January 2021





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