Saturday 28th January saw the return of our in-person Green & Clean Forum and we would like to thank everyone who came. It was great to see how many people are dedicated to improving the environment and are keen to learn more about what they can do.

We were pleased to be joined by Mr Richard Dawson, an architect with forty years’ experience who is also very keen on energy efficiency in the home. He spoke very eloquently and passionately about the subject, answering all questions with confidence whilst covering a very broad subject.

Mr Dawson discussed ways in which we can all make small changes at home, from low energy light bulbs to collecting water to reducing unnecessary waste. He also brought along some materials he promotes using to help insulate the home. Such as using sheep wool, a natural product locally sourced, as opposed to rockwool which can be hazardous to health and safety as well as being unfriendly to the environment.

As our first meeting was so successful, we are looking forward to booking more events in 2023 and would love for more people to be involved.

If you would like to be invited to future meetings, please send your details to us at

You can also be involved in our Community Litter Picks or send requests if you see any areas in the Bingley district that need cleaning up.

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