As we move out of lockdown, we all want our communities to get back on their feet safely and as soon as possible. Measures to support social distancing in Bradford district by making changes to roads and pavements were recently announced by Bradford Council with specific schemes in Bradford City Centre, Shipley and Ilkley.

But what would you like to see happening in Bingley, Crossflatts, Cottingley, Gilstead, Eldwick and Micklethwaite?

Social distancing measures Bradford Council say they’re considering include:  temporarily widening pavements and cycle lanes to help people maintain a two metre social distance as they shop, walk or cycle around the district, improving crossings for pedestrians, reducing bottlenecks and slowing vehicle speeds to make the roads safer for cyclists and walkers.

If there’s a need for any of these where you live, shop or work in Bingley parish, or if you’ve got any thoughts on other social distancing measures of benefit to our parish, then please share them with us by emailing  We’ll gather the suggestions together and pass them to Bradford Council. We can’t guarantee they’ll happen but we’ll do our best!

Follow this link to find out more about the type of highways changes to aid social distancing that Bradford Council is considering. Highways changes to aid social distancing 

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