Dear Residents,

As you are aware, Bradford Council is submitting a Levelling Up bid for Bingley, deadline for submission to central government is 6th July.  The Town Council has not seen or been consulted on any part of the draft bid, but has been asked to provide a letter of support.  Friends of Bingley Pool have seen some outline plans for the pool building and are submitting a report on their requirements for a community pool, which we support. 

Whilst being unsighted on the bid we do believe that Bingley needs significant investment so we have provided a letter, extracts from which are below:

Bingley Town Council are keen to see Bingley parish thrive, which will not happen without significant investment.

There are a number of buildings within close proximity to each other in the town centre that could together be used as the basis for revitalising the town and parish. However, any such redevelopment needs to take the needs of the residents into account, and therefore we support a Levelling Up bid that will deliver:

  1. Improvements to the town centre, but also improvements to the wider parish.
  2. Improvements to, and increased exposure for, tourism assets.
  3. A community swimming facility with a minimum pool size of 25m x 8 lanes and be available for public, school and club use.
  4. Provision of a community meeting space within the town centre.
  5. Increased employment opportunities for residents.

I have been asked that an update on Priestthorpe Annex is provided to residents and this is contained elsewhere in this Newsletter.

As I sign off for now, I am aware that in many households the stress of exams for the first time in 3 years is coming to an end, with a well-earned summer break on the horizon for many.  So, I am hoping that the sun shines on us all over the next few weeks.

Kind regards,

Councillor Philippa Gibbons




Photo of Councillor Gibbons

Changing Places Project

The foundation works have now commenced on the new Changing Places toilet, with the Hub toilets being closed to the public last week on 22nd and 23rd June so drainage work could be undertaken. New drains have been installed, and further work will need to take place prior to the Changing Places pod being delivered.

The completion date for this facility is hoped to be August/September this year – we will keep everyone informed.

Litter Picks

Litter bags

The Town Council organised another successful litter pick recently at Beckfoot School, with Councillors Barton, Goode and Williams in attendance, as well as several litter-picking Champions, where over 20 bags of rubbish were collected.

The next litter pick is due to take place on 23rd July, venue to be confirmed.


Bedding plants

The Town Council has also provided the summer bedding plants for local groups to place in their areas, and we are already liaising with them to order the autumn/winter bedding plants for November.

Friends of Prince of Wales Park Carnival

The Friends of Prince of Wales Park are holding a carnival including fun and games at the park on Sunday 17th July 2022, 12.30pm to 5pm.

Yorkshire Day

Bingley Chamber of Trade are arranging an event in Bingley town centre to celebrate Yorkshire Day – this is due to be held on Sunday 31st July, and will include stalls, free donkey rides and more children’s rides.

Monthly Farmers’ Market

People viewing market stalls

The next  Farmers’ Market will be held  on Saturday 2nd July, There will be a range of delicious food, fine local produce and quality crafts to enjoy.

If you are a local producer and would be interested in having a stall at the Farmers’ Market, please do get in touch with Otley Town Partnership who run the  market on behalf of Bingley Town Council.  They can let you know the requirements to be a stall holder and what would be involved.  The can be contacted via their website at: Bingley – Yorkshire Farmers’ Markets (

Alternatively if you are involved with a local charity which has public liability insurance and are interested in promoting their work at one of the  Farmers’ Markets, please contact Ruth Thompson, Administrative Officer by email at

In addition to our monthly Farmers’ Market, Bradford Council hold weekly markets on Fridays and the other remaining Saturdays – please support your local markets when you can to ensure that they can stay open.


Priestthorpe Annex

There has been a request for an update on Priestthorpe Annex.  This building was sold in 2018 and a decision made in 2019 by Bradford Council’s Regulatory & Appeals Committee to invest the capital in a Trust with the interest being distributed to support educational causes in the Bingley area. In mid-June this year the Town Council  received an update from Bradford Council that the Trust application is now with the Charity Commission, and a response is expected within 3-6 months.  This should mean that the grant process can be reopened soon, possibly in time for grants meeting the annual 31st January deadline in 2023.

As the Town Council we will ask Bradford for a statement on the interest available for distribution and for information/publicity on the grant application process.


The Town Council approved the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) for the financial year 2021-22, which has now been submitted to the external auditor. Relevant documents can be found on our website.  Click here for more details: Key Announcements

Committee memberships

Further members were elected onto the Town Council’s Committees and Working Groups at the latest Full Council meeting on 28th June.

Councillors Carney and Kirdale have joined the Emergency Support Sub-Committee.

Councillor Carney has also joined the Events, Marketing and Communications Committee,

Councillors Beckwith and Fenton have joined the Finance and General Purposes Committee.

Councillor Miah has joined the Youth Involvement Working Group.

Full membership of all Committees and Working Groups can be found here: Bingley Town Council – Committees and Sub-Committees

It was also agreed to disband the Climate Emergency Working Group, and instead have a standing agenda item for this issue on each Full Council meeting.

New Staff

Following a successful recruitment process, we now have a new Admin Assistant, Debbie, who will be commencing work with us at the end of July, on a part-time basis. We are thrilled with our choice, and are looking forward to welcoming Debbie to the team.

Bingley Town Council Logo

Office hours

Office opening times are Monday and Wednesday from 1pm to 3pm.

Bingley Town Council can also be contacted by email at or by phone on the following numbers:

Town Clerk: 07529 222679

Deputy Town Clerk:  07703 188660

Administrative Officer: Tuesday and Wednesday  – 077835 19439

Dates for your diary


Saturday 2 July – Monthly Saturday Farmers’ Market.  (Held on the first Saturday of each month 10am to 2pm).

23rd July – Community litter pick.  The meet up point is to be confirmed and will be advertised on the Town Council website.


 Council meetings:

The next ordinary meeting of the Full Town Council is at 6.30pm on Tuesday 26th July 2022. The meeting will be held at Bingley Baptist Church Hall, Clyde Street, Bingley.

The agenda for the meetings can be found on the Town Council website within the Documents section.

You can see all the Town Council’s meeting dates in the Events section calendar on the website.

.  . 

Newsletter distribution

So that the Town Council can keep as many people as possible informed, please do share this newsletter with friends and family and encourage them to subscribe too.

Bingley Town Council, Myrtle Place, Bingley, BD16 2LF

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