Dear Residents, 

As the school summer holidays come to an end, our last Play in the Park event has been held. These have been as successful as ever, so thanks to all involved in putting them on. 

We have been informed by Bradford Council that the charitable trust for the proceeds from the sale of Priestthorpe Annex has finally been set up, as ‘The 1887 Alfred Sharp Educational Trust’.  We will now be asking about the process for giving grants to local organisations. 

We are officially in drought with a hosepipe ban, so please do consider your water usage, and take care when out and about.   

With world events sending fuel prices sky high, it looks like it could be a hard autumn and winter for some residents.  We are considering how best we can help. One suggestion is that maybe we can facilitate ‘Warm Spaces’ where people can go and spend time outside their own homes, through grants to community groups.  I’ll keep you informed as our response develops. 

Kind regards,

Councillor Philippa Gibbons




Photo of Councillor Gibbons

Assets of Community Value

The Town Council have recently been informed that our application to nominate Bingley Pool as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) has been approved by Bradford Council.

An Asset of Community Value is defined as follows: ‘a building or other land is an asset of community value if its main use has recently been or is presently used to further the social wellbeing or social interests of the local community and could do so in the future’.

Locations for grit bins

Picture of grit bin with the green and purple logo of Bingley town council on it

The Town Council is already preparing for the potential inclement weather of the autumn and winter months, including looking at grit bin refilling and new locations.

If any resident has a suggestion of where a grit bin could be sited, please email us with the details:

We cannot guarantee that all sites will be approved for new grit bins, however we will assess the sites of all suggestions received.

Free Support for Community Organisations – Community Action Bradford and District


A representative of Community Action Bradford and District attended our recent Full Council meeting to provide an informative presentation and answer councillors’ questions.

The Community Action Bradford and District have launched a new project to support community groups and organisations, called Here4BDCC (Here for Bradford District and Craven Communities).

You can get free support on a whole range of issues that organisations may be facing in these challenging times, such as developing projects, fundraising, and much more.

To find out how they may be able to help, please contact Chris Hancox at or call Chris on 07539 684668. You can also keep up to date with them on Twitter: @Here4BDCC

Monthly Farmers’ Market

A market trader making crepes.

The next Farmers’ Market is due to be held in Bingley Market Square on Saturday 1st October, 10am – 2pm.

Please come and join us to buy local produce and unique handmade goods. Meet Town Councillors and discuss any issues you may have regarding the local area. Entertainment will be provided by Bradford and Airedale Youth Choir, 10.45am – 11.30am and 12.00pm-12.45pm.

If you are a local producer and would be interested in having a stall at the Farmers’ Market, please do get in touch with Otley Town Partnership who run the  market on behalf of Bingley Town Council.  They can let you know the requirements to be a stall holder and what would be involved.  The can be contacted via their website at: Bingley – Yorkshire Farmers’ Markets (

Alternatively if you are involved with a local charity which has public liability insurance and are interested in promoting their work at one of the Farmers’ Markets, please contact Ruth Thompson, Administrative Officer by email at

In addition to our monthly Farmers’ Market, Bradford Council hold weekly markets on Fridays and the other remaining Saturdays – please support your local markets when you can to ensure that they can stay open.


Council news

Policies reviewed, including signing up to the Civility and Respect Pledge

Several policies were reviewed at the recent Full Council meeting of Bingley Town Council, including the Freedom of Information Policy, General Privacy Notice, Information and Data Protection Policy, the Council’s Publication Scheme, Security Incident Policy, Staff, Councillor and Role Holder’s Privacy Policy, and Volunteer Policy.

The Town Council also signed up to the Civility and Respect Pledge, which is designed to help define the right behaviours within councils to prevent bullying and to support councils demonstrating high standards of conduct; as part of this, the Town Council also adopted the Dignity at Work Policy.

All policies can be found on the Town Council’s website in the Documents section.


Hub opening hours

The Town Council agreed at the recent Full Council meeting that the public opening hours at Town Council’s offices at the Hub, Myrtle Place, Bingley, would change from Monday and Wednesday afternoons to Monday and Wednesday mornings – from 10am to 12 noon.

We hope these hours will suit residents better.


Meeting dates in November/December 2022 and January 2023

The Town Council agreed the following meeting dates for November and December 2022 and January 2023, to fit in with the deadline for the precept demand:

No Full Council meeting in November 2022 – now to take place on 6th December 2022; subsequent Full Council meeting to take place on 17th January 2023;

December Planning Committee and Finance & General Purposes Committee meetings to take place as originally agreed (Planning Committee on 13th December, and Finance & General Purposes Committee on 14th December 2022).

Bingley Town Council Logo

Office hours

Office opening times are Monday and Wednesday from 10am to 12 noon.

Bingley Town Council can also be contacted by email at or by phone on the following numbers:

Town Clerk: 07529 222679

Deputy Town Clerk:  07703 188660

Administrative Officer (Ruth): Tuesday and Wednesday  – 077835 19439

Administrative Assistant (Debbie): Monday to Thursday 10am to 2pm – 07579 814666

Dates for your diary


Saturday 10th September – Community litter pick.  The meet up point is at the Morningside Road side of Britannia Bridge, Bingley. 

Saturday 1st October – Monthly Farmers;’ Market 10am to 2pm.  Market Place,  Bingley.   Enjoy local produce and musical entertainment.

Council meetings:

The next ordinary meeting of the Full Town Council is at 6.30pm on Tuesday  27th September  2022. The meeting will be held at Bingley Baptist Church Hall, Clyde Street, Bingley.

The agenda for the meetings can be found on the Town Council website within the Documents section.

You can see all the Town Council’s meeting dates in the Events section calendar on the website.

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Newsletter distribution

So that the Town Council can keep as many people as possible informed, please do share this newsletter with friends and family and encourage them to subscribe too.

Bingley Town Council, Myrtle Place, Bingley, BD16 2LF

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