The Town Council has just appointed its first Environmental Warden, Lee Matthews, who started his new role on 3 February. Lee will be working 20 hours a week on a variety of environmental tasks, supporting and supplementing the work of Bradford Council’s Parks and Cleansing staff. Lee will also be working closely with community groups looking after the parks and managing planting projects and ensuring that Bingley is kept clean and tidy. His actual weekly hours are likely to vary over the year to accommodate seasonal changes, e.g. the need for snicket clearance in the summer.

An initial induction period will see Lee getting an introduction to the various wards of the parish and any particular areas of concern and also undergoing training, some of which will be provided by Bradford Council.

Lee is a keen gardener and beekeeper, who also plays tennis for two local clubs.  He looks forward to meeting members of the public while he is out and about, so don’t hesitate to stop and say hello.

Lee Matthews