On Wednesday 19th April, the Annual Town Meeting was held at Cottingley Town Hall and was an opportunity for the local community groups who had received grants from Bingley Town Council to talk about what they had achieved over the last twelve months. It was also a chance for the different groups to connect and network with each other, building up new relationships which will benefit the community.

The Chair of the Town Council, Councillor Philippa Gibbons, welcomed the audience and introduced each group highlighting that, every year, the Town Council has a pot of money for the purpose of community groups who may need a small investment towards a community event or repairs and improvement for the benefit of the parish and its residents.

More information about the grants can be found on the website, or you can email us at enquiries@bingleytowncouncil.co.uk to find out more.

Here are the groups who attended the meeting and demonstrated how they used the grant money they were awarded.

David from Bingley Music Town gave a presentation about their organisation which only formed in November 2022, explaining that it is their mission to ‘make Bingley a place where music is celebrated and valued as an asset that sustains our health and wellbeing and economy’. He also highlighted that they strive to celebrate all things musical in Bingley, naming several events, including music festivals, bandstand concerts, local choirs etc.

Bingley Music Town applied for a grant to help get their group off the ground, so they could produce some marketing materials and pay for venues for their meetings. They were very grateful to the Town Council and have, in such a small space of time, become quite well known in the Bingley area.

You can learn more about them here: Bingley Music Town

Ward Councillor Marcus Deardon spoke on behalf of the Bingley Remembrance Day Group, first giving a brief history of the formation of the group. He highlighted that they must raise their own funds for the annual event and so are very grateful that the Bingley Town Council grant scheme is available every year. The cost of the event can be up to £1200 as things such as public liability insurance need to be put in place.

Marcus shared his joy that the event grows in popularity every year. From only 40-50 attendees a few years back, they now have a large turn out of people of all ages. Bingley Remembrance Day Group appreciate everyone who comes together in rain or shine, and will strive to continue year after year to put on this event for the people of Bingley.

Town Councillor John Goode spoke on behalf of the Cottingley Community Association to speak of the work recently completed at the top of Manor Road in Cottingley to refurbish the flowerbeds. This particular area is central to Cottingley and is a space the whole community can make use of.

There were 5 flowerbeds in total, but in 2019 it became apparent that some were in need of repair as the wooden structures deteriorated. They first received a grant from Bingley Town Council in 2020 and were able to rebuild 2 of the beds, creating a stone wall around them, so they would last longer. However, in 2022 the other 3 also started to become damaged. The Association then applied again to the Town Council, and this time they were awarded some CIL money – the work was then commissioned by Bingley Town Council.

John shared his thanks, on behalf of the group, to Bingley Town Council for the money granted and stated it would never have been possible without their generous contribution.

Roger gave a talk about the Eldwick and Gilstead Horticultural Society, who received a grant for tools needed at the Warren Lane allotments. He gave a brief history of the site and the formation of the Society, speaking very passionately about the work they do and have achieved over the years.

The allotments were in need of some long handled hedge trimmers which were easy to use by the members of the Society, to make sure the hedges and trees were always cut back safely for passing pedestrians and to make sure there was always access within the site for the plot holders and any visitors.

Rosie, from the Friends of Myrtle Park, gave a brief outline of the work that had been done over the last few years to their community hub, which was refurbished back in 2020. Using CIL money from Bingley Town Council, the interior was improved so they have a new community space which was renamed as the Park Hub.

Then, in 2022, the group realised that the plastic chairs which had been kindly donated were no longer fit for purpose so they once again reached out to Bingley Town Council and were awarded money to go towards some new comfortable and stackable chairs which can be used by the trustees, visiting groups and members of the public.

The new hub has since been able to put on family events such as the recent Easter Trail which was very popular and they look to do similar events again in the future.

Isobel, from the Local Women’s Institute (Five Rise Frocks), gave a presentation about the grant they received in 2022 which was for funds towards replacing the Jubilee Stone in Bingley. She explained how the project came about and how they were surprised and humbled by all the local support. Not only from Bingley Town Council but also the Chamber of Trade, local businesses and members of the public, and how it all came about from having a charity table from one of the markets in Bingley’s very own Market Square.

They were very grateful and raised enough money to not only replace the stone, but also to erect a sign to thank those who contributed funds and to plant trees and plants which are tended to every summer by the Bingley Bloomers group.

David attended the meeting on behalf of Bingley Little Theatre, explaining that they needed a grant for their community centre where they had created a local cinema. Their one projector worked well for the films on show, however they were unable to run confidently as the bulb would occasionally need replacing mid-show and they felt they were letting the community down.

Thanks to the grant they received, they were able to buy a back-up projector so they would not run into any more problems. At Christmas, using the back-up projector, they were able to put on a Christmas event, showing The Polar Express with mulled wine and hot chocolate available. Thanks to the popularity of the new local cinema, they are confident they will be able to put on more school holiday showings for families to enjoy without having to travel too far.

A presentation was sent on behalf of Friends of Prince of Wales Park to thank the Town Council for the money they contributed towards the carnival held in July 2022 for families of all ages to enjoy. They were grateful for all donations and sponsorships received which made the event possible.

The money from Bingley Town Council contributed towards to cost of much needed toilet facilities so everyone visiting could enjoy the entire day’s activities without any worry.

Thank you to everyone who came to the event, and to Cottingley Town Hall for letting us use the space. You can watch the meeting here: Annual Town Meeting, 2023 04 19 – YouTube

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