Photo: Beck Lane allotments

When Bingley Town Council came into being in April 2015, the statutory duty to manage the publicly-owned allotments in the parish passed to the Town Council from Bradford Council. The Town Council therefore now has responsibility for the management of Beck Lane, Stanley Street and Warren Lane allotments, and Councillors Dearden, Goode and Winnard have been leading on the work of managing the transfer. While the formal legal transfer of the Warren Lane site is still ongoing, we have ensured that the allotments, including gates and fences etc., are covered by the council’s insurance policy and comprehensive administration procedures have been put in place to deal with letting and billing.

All non-Bingley residents have been removed from the waiting list for Beck Lane and Stanley Street. Site inspections at Beck Lane have resulted in a number of management issues being identified, and these will be discussed by the Finance and General Purposes Committee. We are keen to ensure that the waiting list is kept as short as possible, and so some large plots will be split when they become vacant. Discretionary rates are available to eligible applicants, and hard to let plots will be offered for the second year rent free (not including the water charge).

 Anyone interested in being added to the allotment waiting list should contact Ruth Batterley, Town Clerk.

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