When Inspector Julie Deacon of West Yorkshire Police attended the full council meeting on 27th September, one of the concerns raised by councillors was speeding on local roads.

A Speedwatch exercise was run outside Beckfoot School during the morning rush hour on 30th November, involving local residents and Town Councillors Michelle Chapman and Mark Truelove. Amongst the group was a teacher from the school and four pupils. An hour was spent with hand-held cameras monitoring the rush-hour driving.

The Council has compiled a list of other traffic and road concerns raised by residents, which has been submitted to Bradford Council for action. These include several requests for pedestrian crossings:

  • Chapel Lane, Bingley behind the library – this site is on the Shipley Area Committee list for the next road safety programme on a date in April / May 2017.
  • Mornington Road, Bingley, opposite the entrance to Priestthorpe School – a crossing within the existing 20mph zone is being investigated and is ‘very likely’ to be added to the list of outstanding requests to be considered by the Area Committee in May/June 2017.
  • Canal Road, Crossflatts – Bradford Council has proposed a comprehensive casualty reduction scheme on a section of Keighley Road between Cemetery Road and Morton Lane. The scheme consists of a series of road humps, the provision of an advisory 20 mph speed limit outside Bingley Grammar School, and parking restrictions at appropriate locations along the road. The issue of indiscriminate parking at the junction of Keighley Road / Canal Road will be looked at and should it prove to be a problem then the provision of double yellow lines at this junction would be incorporated into the proposals.
  • Park Road at the junction with Lady Lane, Bingley – Bradford Council is investigating the possibility of constructing a refuge island or other measures to assist people in crossing Park Road in the current financial year.

Speeding issues have been reported at The Oval and Broadway in Bingley where speed strips are now under consideration. The Town Council is awaiting a reply from Bradford Council to a further three issues, namely speeding on Heights Lane, Eldwick, a lack of dropped kerbs in Eldwick, particularly at the Heights Lane/Warren Lane roundabout, and speeding on Priesthorpe Lane and Crownest Road during the morning rush hour.

A spate of near misses in the wintry conditions at the end of 2016 raised concerns about the lack of gritting. This has also been reported to Bradford Council with a request that gritting routes be reviewed.