Bingley Town Council currently have a vacancy for a Councillor for the Ladylane and Oakwood Ward. No petition for election was received by Bradford Council within the deadline so Bingley Town Council will fill the vacancy using the procedure for co-option. This document can be found at

As a local Councillor you would be one of over 80,000 local Councillors in England. Local Councillors are elected members and are held accountable by local people for things that happen locally. You would make a difference by influencing decisions that affect your community.

Bingley Town Council is an ambitious and active council and has had a considerable positive impact in Bingley. Examples of the work of Bingley Town Council include regular litter picks, providing floral displays throughout the parish, awarding grants to local community organisations and running a pilot scheme of summer markets in response to resident feedback.

As a Councillor you would have a responsibility to attend and contribute at meetings and to represent the people who live in the Ladylane and Oakwood Ward. Eligibility criteria, and possible reasons a person would be disqualified from being a Town Councillor, are explained in the appendix to the procedures for co-option document. Please read these carefully.

Useful documents which explain more about the role of a town Councillor are The Good Councillor’s Guide, and ‘It takes all sorts’

If you would like to be considered for co-option to Bingley Town Council please submit an application in writing by 5pm on Monday 19th November. Your application must include a biography, reasons why you wish to become a Town Councillor and what you can offer to the council. You must also confirm that you meet all of the eligibility tests, namely age, residence, criminal record and bankruptcy that apply to prospective Town Councillors.

Please contact the Town Clerk if you require any information or if you would would like to discuss the process in further detail.